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May, 1 2018   

Dear Folks,

Between now with this writing... and of course when you read this: 

On June 9, 2018 Nortons Honey Farm will be GROWING! We are moving our operations to Clemmons, North Carolina where we will also have a roadside produce, vegetable plants and honey  stand.. We are planning to begin roadside sales on Saturday, June 9th and will be open only on Saturdays until we have harvested our spring honey and have moved our hives to the sourwood. If you can please drop by and say hi; our Saturday hours will be from 9:45 am until 3:30 in the afternoon. More information will be forthcoming including a new and better website.

Best regards,

Chuck Norton

1620 Lewisville Clemmons Road

Clemmons NC, 27012

Raw Strained Honey Produced From Practical - Sustainable - Pesticide Free - Organic - Beekeeping

Welcome to Nortons Honey Farm  

Thank you for visitingg  Nortons Honey Farm where we only sell raw local honey harvested from the Northern Piedmont, Foothills and Mountains of North Carolina.

Please Note: Our 2018 Spring Wildflower honey is not quite yet ready for harvesting. Drop back by about the 20th of June and hopefully you shall be one of the first to know.

We produce only strained raw honey never heated and never filtered from each of our own beeyards in  Caswell, Rockingham, Stokes, Guilford,  Surry, and Forsyth Counties of North Carolina. I have been a beekeeper since 1986 and have had  We do not treat our honeybees with chemicals nor do we add any supplements or high fructose corn syrup. Our prices and shipping instructions are below as well as where our honey may be locally purchased

Thanks for the visit,

Chuck Norton

Norton's Honey Farm
1620 Lewisville Clemmons Road

Clemmons, NC27012

PHONE: 336-520-1097

Email: Carolinabeeman@hotmail.com



Our 2018 Honey Crop is yet to be harvested

The Text Below is for Historical Information only:


2017 Spring Wildflower Honey in Plastic Jars  -  units each

      8 oz.     Plastic Classic  (flip top)   $    4.50   
    16 oz.     Plastic mini-Bee  (Screw Top)   $    8.75   
    16 oz..    Plastic Classic  (flip top)   $    8.75    
    24 oz.     Plastic Classic (flip top)   $  12.00    


2017  Spring Wildflower Honey in Classic and Mason Glass Jars - units each

    8 oz.   Glass Classic Style   $   4.95  
    1 Lb.   Glass Classic Style   $   9.25 
     Mason Regular Pint  (22 oz.)    $ 12.25 
    Mason    Qt.  (44 Oz.)                $ 22.00 

 * Please add $1.00  for  Each Pint and Quart GLASS JAR as extra packaging materials, methods, marking, and procedures must be used to help assure a safe delivery.


Note:  The 2017 Sourwood Honey Crop was indeed fickle! Our bees visited additional nectar sources during the 2017 sourwood honey flow thereby reducing the percentage of sourwood honey in any one super and frame of honey. I went through every frame of sourwood honey in order to find good frames of sourwood to sort but to no avail.

I always reply when asked if I sell pure sourwood honey 'that there is no such thing as pure sourwood honey" for when the worker honeybee returns from any one trip arriving back to her hive her harvest is almost immediately taken by another worker bee and the harvesting worker or the field bee returns to her nectar source. After receiving the field bee's nectar the hive bee then takes the nectar and places it in a honeycomb cell where it is deposited along with the harvest from other field bees by a house bee. House bees will often work in groups filling a  particular frame with raw honey while other house bees will fan the raw honey to reduce its water content to less than 18.6 %.  ho  a cell visit a cell

Usually (most of the time) the hives in a beeyard or apiary will harvest a high percentage of sourwood nectar that is changed into sourwood honey by the honeybees. This year was different! Although we used prudent methods of varietal protection by the placement and timing of our hive stands as well as the preparation of providing and placing empty frames of honey in our honey supers at the beginning and end of the sourwood honey flow our bees in every single hive in every sourwood honey apiary decided to also visit other nectar sources as well as the sourwood blossoms all at the same time resulting in a harvest that is estimated as having about a 60% content of sourwood honey. You can still taste the sourwood and it is still buttery but the taste, color, zing, and flavor has been reduced. It has been reduced so much that I have lowered the prices of our sourwood honey to reflect this change from our norm.


Additional sources for our Honey and Apiary Products:

       North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services

          http://www.ncagr.gov/ncproducts/ShowSite.asp?ID=2111  NC Department of Agriculture's Website: General Store (mail order)

          http://www.ncfarmfresh.com/FarmMarketDisplay.asp?FarmID=1925   NC Department of Agriculture's Website: Farm Fresh (Visit our Farm: Now with Limited visiting hours and Products)

       Local Stores in the Piedmont of NC:

          Sadie's of Stokesdale 8406 US HWY 158 in downtown Stokesdale, NC.

          A&S Natural Health 1559 Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston Salem, NC

All Products shipped except for queens)

S&H Prices Effective June 1, 2017:  (Historical only)

All products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping & Handling is based on net weight, the weight of the HONEY or the BEESWAX that you purchase, not the total weight of the shipment. The cost is $6.95 for the first pound (16 ounces) and  anything over 16 ounces please add $2.75 for each additional pound up to and including 4 pounds. For product weight over 4 pounds please add $1.95 per pound thereafter; and, for special orders over a weight of 6 pounds please email or text me for reduced shipping costs. Please convert fractions of pounds to ounces and round up to the next pound or ask for a S&H quote. Prices are the same for the entire United States.

Thank you,

Chuck Norton

My primary email address for all honey, beeswax, and propolis is carolinabeeman@hotmail.com

Websites for experienced beekeepers to visit:  http://www.CarolinaSurvivorQueens.com for our Survivor Queens & our VSHF1Carolina Survivor Queens

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